Bloggy Style

The idea of churning out wise and useful blog posts on a regular basis sounds like a big chore, if not impossible to most of us. When we finally sit down to write, the pressure is on: make it good!

Before we get lost in the fog, let’s remember why we blog:

  • To demonstrate our interests and expertise
  • To entertain and inform
  • To develop relationships with readers

There are no rules to blogging. What you say and how you present your ideas is up to you. Your blog content can range from original opinion to simply sharing a relevant news story. Most bloggers are both writers and content curators, and readers appreciate getting a variety of information from a single source. Let people see who you are through what you write and share.

Here is a great infographic from cobyblogger that shows 22 different ways to frame your ideas and opinions. They make blogging look fun and easy – because it can be!


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